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September 20th - Kids, Kids, Kids

"We're shooting the docs at the station for a couple days now and this place is really something - there's a boarding school nearby with small tibetian kids and of course word spread around, that there's a couple of dentists in the area treating people for free. So the local really embrace that, you can imagine times are busy in the middle of the mountains" - Rebecca 

September 15th - On the road

"We're on the trail now for a couple of days and's great! The landscapes, the people, the nature, our team. Everything just works out as planned and we're looking forward arriving at the station shortly" - Matze

September 10th - We arrived!

"We arrived in Kathmandu today and it's....busy! We're soaking in all the different impressions and getting ready for the trail! But before, we managed to visit some local dentists and get an idea, how people get treated in Nepals capital." - Andreas 

July 25th - Setting the route with Stephan Baur

"The docs met up with Stephan Baur today: He's a bavarian engineer who has spent a ridiculous amount of time in Nepal and especially in that region. He gave us really good insights for the journey and we finally managed to agree on a rough route for this trip. Besides to that he's also working on his own project: Creating simple watermills and supplying the locals with free energy" - Paul

July 19th - Meeting our guide

"That was lucky: Our camera man Simon suggested to contact a local guide he know's - Tshering Lama, a cousin of the famous rock climber David Lama. As chance would have it, he was in Europe at that moment and we met him at a Munich beer garden today. We're excited to include him into the project as our guide and local contact person!" - Andreas

July 1st - it all started with a drone

"When we talked about doing this project, i was sure that i want to film the whole thing with a drone to have some better images afterwards for interested students. But we didn't know anyone who owns one. So Andreas contacted a friend who contacted Rebecca. And Matze contacted his old friend Paul...and here we are now, producing a movie about this trip. Awesome!" - Markus